Top Level Police and FBI Collusions Exposed

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Top Level Police/ FBI Collusions Exposed in NWA AIRLINE PROFILING ATTACK

Northwest Airlines Profiling Attack, SECRET TRIBUNAL, illicit Judicial Corruption

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FBI, MN Police and the sinister "police state" ideology, have been notorious in the news of late: FBI illegal activity across the border (click here); and here; FBI Involvement in covering up judicial misconduct (click (here.) Notorious for illegal intimidation tactics click Here
MN Police officer(s) involved in drug dealing unwarranted shootings gang activities and other sinister workings click Here.
MN Police killing of a black family man click
Here, ; Milwaukee beating of a minority by bigoted 'brutal police' click Here; MN Police Profiling of a Black Pastor Click Here. MN Police profiling trend click here: Police Preponderance for Court Perjury click Here.

The following documents are evidence of how officers tried to hide the presence of a 5th officer on board the aircraft in an intricate and sinister ploy to create a false senario of events, hide their criminal actions and falsely frame me in order to cover for their hyenus actions that threaten to put them behind bars.

first document is evidence of Peace Officer Standards and Training, an 'advocacy centre' to deal with complaints against police, acting in betrayel of thier mandate and forwarding the nuances of our complaint on to the FBI who were working on behalf of the prosecution, to cover up the truth and falsely convict. The document contained nuances of how we had uncovered their lies and was given to the police in order that they could prepare for a more convincing bout of perjury on stand in anticipation of the evidence that would otherwise have been used to expose them.

The second document is evidence of an attempt to cover up for the presence of a 5th officer on board, in a ploy to propogate an 'officer shell game' revision of the truth in which officers falsified positions and acitons in order to create a false senario of events such that they could hide their crimes. This document was kept hidden by the 'approving officer' #14, Sergeant Milton, who is the main offender in the police attack upon us.

The 3rd Document is the last minute report submitted by officer Alvin Cooper-Unfortunately for the Mn Police Department, last minute efforts are often fraught with errors- in this report, Officer Alvin Cooper uses both his falsely assumed position (per the officer Shell game) and his factual position-AT THE SAME TIME IN TWO CONSECUTIVE STATEMENTS- placing him at once at the back AND the front of the aircraft- IN TWO DISTANT PLACES AT ONCE!

Other officers positions were altered: officer’s Hoert and Wingate are listed as directly in front of me although they were actually several officers away from me at the back of a 4 man police line up in front of me in the narrow confines of an isle onboard an aircraft. Officer Hoerdt was placed in the position directly in front of me and sergeant Milton (the offending officer who attacked me tasered me and stuck me in the head (without provocation) was completely omitted from the officer police reports… The injury they claim I dealt to officer Hoerdt could not have been caused by me, as Hoerdt was 3 men distant from me in the narrow confines of the isle of an aircraft. They rearranged his position in order to make it plausible that I had caused the injury he sustained (which was actually caused by 2 officers tripping over each other as the 4 of them lunged in at me without provocation, to tackle me to the floor.) (And I can prove this via taser serial identification numbers linking officer Hoerdt to one of the two officers at the back of the 4 man line- who passed the tasers up to the front where the actual officer in front of me tased me (repeatedly) Hoerdt was no where near me- I did not commit the alleged crime in any degree whatsoever. This has been a corruption conspiracy and collusion of truth and my family and I have been made the victims. _

Adding further to the corruption and scheming involved in our false 'trial' was the element of the report given to the FBI and the prosecution by Peace officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)- Brief Prelude: After the attack we had forwarded the nuances of our complaint to Peace Officer Standards and Training Coordinator Paul Monteen. (see scan ins below...) outlining our complaint, of not only the attack, but also of the police officer's deliberate framing on false charges of assault in order to cover for their crimes in textbook application of the mechanism used by authority to white wash accountability- TuQuoQue "Blame the Victim" a technique employed more so than any other by culpable police involved in incidents of brutality and misconduct. I had gone through the police reports and found many startling things that exposed their lies entirely. To cite several examples, their statements are full of self contradictions, not only between officers, but also when compared with their oral statements given on stand. I also uncovered the 5th officer, Alvin Cooper, whom they had tried denying was on board the aircraft, in conjunction with revealing how they had rearranged and given false account of their true positions abourd the aircraft in order to potray a false scenario of events... I go into more detail in this in another section of the website but suffice it to say for the purposes of this section, I EXPOSED THEIR GUILT, LIES AND DECTPTIONS COMPLETELY AND IRREFUTABLY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE COMPLAINT WE FORWARDED TO P.O.S.T.
>>Cover Up the Truth and aid in judicial misconduct and false implication of the innocent: > At no time did Peace Officer Standards and Training ever respond to our complaint. The next time I was to see a copy of the complaint I had given to P.O.S.T. it would be coming up in discovery for evidence at trial as "very inflammitory anti U.S. government literature" that had been reported to the FBI and handed over to the prosecution, who in turn, had given it to our attorney. I had emailed a copy of our complaint to several other parties, aswell as P.O.S.T. Coordinator Paul Monteen (as can be seen in the scan ins below) , and although at no time did P.O.S.T. ever give us a reply, they DID FORWARD TO THE FBI AND ULTIMATELY TO THE PROSECUTION - ALONG WITH THE NUANCES OF HOW WE HAD UNCOVERED THIER DECEPTIONS AND LIES - the prosecution had in effect been forwarned and armed -BY PEACE OFFICER STANDARDS AND TRAINING- with the exact details of how the truth had been uncovered in order to prepare tactics to conceal the truth regardless.

Threatned Into Silence at Our Own Trial: Once it came time for trial, armed with the for-warning supplied by Peace Officer Standards and Training and the nuances of how we had uncovered their lies and deceptions, the prosecution knew exactly how to proceed: THREATEN MY MOTHER AND I INTO SILENCE- A GAG ORDER AT OUR OWN TRIAL!
***I was taken aside and told that if I testified, that the literature that I put out against the police officers in exposing them- which was labelled inflammitory and anti U.S. Government- would be read out loud before the audience of the jury pool. And herein I was repeatedly reminded of what encompassed the jury pool-FBI, CIA, NSA and other covert agents...
___****I was also told that if my mother chose to testify, *(my mother having been eye witness to the false hate attack and the police bruatality involved) that she would be sent to jail on charges of perjury.
Adding to the Covert Collusion and the obstruction to Truth:
***Only 2 of the 5 officers actually appeared at the trial- they were literally hiding from trial out of fear of being visually identified by my mother and I. Of course by threatening my mother and I into silence, the prosecution accounted for this danger in advance, by ensuring we would not so much as be able to speak in our own defense at the trial!
***Officer's Self Condemning Statement barred from being read aloud at trial.
>Once it was discovered that we knew about the presence of 5 officers aboard the aircraft- and not 4 officers as they had falsely reported as part of the cover up- they were forced to have the fifth officer submit a last minute statement and report only 3 days before the trial. The officer completed a last minute report but made a very critical and fatal error- HE REPORTED HIMSELF TO BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE! AT BOTH THE FRONT AND THE BACK OF THE AIRCRAFT. THIS WAS AN OVERSIGHT THE RESULT OF THE "SHELL GAME DECEPTION" THE OFFICERS WERE PLAYING IN SO FAR AS REARRANGING THEIR POSITIONS IN ORDER TO CREATE A FALSE ACCOUNT OF EVENTS. THEY HAD BEEN CAUGHT. Yet judge doty, part of the collusion, sided with the prosecution, who demanded that the document could not be read aloud to the jury.

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